Garren and Aleathea       

Level III Certified Trainers in Mental Management Systems

We have three children that are actively using Mental Management techniques in competitive golf, pageantry, voice and piano. We saw the value of the Mental Management principles and as parents, we began utilizing them in our home.  Teaching our children the Mental Management principles became a top priority; we have been witness to how the application of these principles in our children's lives have improved their attitudes, goals and performances.  With our hands on experience, we are excited that we are able to train competitors, parents, coaches and others, proven techniques that will give them a mental edge.  These techniques when understood, practiced, and executed properly, will provide mental toughness necessary for peak performance.

Coaching Philosophy

We love, value, and believe in the correct mental approach to life, business, and sports.  Helping others achieve the mental toughness necessary for top performance is a passion of ours. We believe that mental training begins in the home and starts with the parents. We invite parents to sit in on all sessions with their young performers so that everyone is on the same page when it comes to mental toughness and mental training.  

We enjoy working with goal oriented people that are seeking to improve their mental toughness.  We teach an approach to the mental game that is easily understandable and is a proven system that, when applied, will work in all aspects of life.  We believe in building connections with our clients, being a part of their team allows for growth, success, and long term coaching relationships.  After all,  "Together Everyone Accomplishes  More."